Here's my story, "White Ceiling", written according to the rule of "only the story idea matters -- writing skills have nothing to do with the worth of a story", taken to almost the extreme of that concept.

written May 1999


White Ceiling (version 3)

by Arduinna


Jim came home from a 2 day stakeout to find that Blair had moved out of the loft. Jim wondered why, he remembered a day from a few weeks ago when they painted the ceiling in Blair's room that Blair had gotten ink on and they had a great time, so he didn't konw why Blair would leave. Jim was unhappy.

Jim looked in the box Blair left him. There was a letter that said Blair had wanderlust and had to go, and said Blair had bought him a present. Jim looked at the present. It was a teddy bear. Jim named the bear Bilbo. Jim took Bilbo to bed that night to help him sleep.

Simon wanted to know where Blair was the next day, so Jim told him. Simon read the note and thought Jim was reading it wrong, but decided not to say so. Simon said "Do you want some time off?" Jim said "No Sir I would rather work, I am fine." So Jim worked hard by himself and tried to forget how much he missed Blari.

After a month Jim realized that Blair wanted him too, and that's why he left. He masturbated on Blair's bed, then swore not to do that again, but he kept doing it anyway. Once he used the bear and had to put it in the washing machine to clean it.

Two months after Blair left Jim was having a beer with Bilbo when Blair walked into the loft. Jim raced across the room to hug him.

"I'm sorry" Blair said.

"I love you" Jim said.

"I love you too" Blair said.

They decided to stop talking and went to bed. Bilbo heard them laughing and moaning, but wasn't going to tell anyone.

Later Jim asked why Blair had put ink on the ceiling a few months ago. "Because I always do that when someplace feels like home, I mark it as my own place."

Jim hugged Blair tight. "I'm sorry Blair I made you paint it!" he exclaimed.

Blair hugged Jim back. "It's okay, I didn't need the mark, because now I'm really home."

"What about the wanderlust?" Jim asked.

"Well Jim the best thing about wanderlust is coming home at the end of it."

"Welcome home Chief." Jim said.

~ fin ~

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