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It all started when Cesperanza had this idea to write a series of short-short stories called "101 Ways To End Up In A Canadian Shack."  She told this to resonant, who suggested the following themes:

resonant: Kidnapping ... amnesia ...

resonant: A really bad sense of direction ...

resonant: Runaway cab driver ...

resonant: "It was the only way I could quit smoking ..." Famous last words:  "It seemed like an interesting idea."


Meanwhile, Ces had been hoping to get AnnaS to write some TS. With her DS idea in mind, she suggested to Anna that they collaborate on some short-short TS stories. In other words, she proposed a similar idea.  Note the word similar. Not the same.  But, alas, it all went horribly awry.

Cesca: Anna

Cesca: I'll make you a dare.

anna: yo?

anna: yeah?

Seah waits to see this dare

Terri eyes all of you warily. Except Seah.

Cesca: I had this idea in DS that I might actually do a story called 101 To End Up In A Canadian Shack—but do it actually as a series of short stories.

Cesca: However

Cesca: it occurs to me

anna: 101 Ways—?

Cesca: that you and I might attempt something similar in TS.

Cesca: 100 words

Cesca: on a stupid premise.

Cesca: A series of short-shorts

anna: Hey, cool.

Cesca: What do you think?

anna: So what was that again—

Cesca: minimum risk

anna: 101 Ways? ??

anna: Repeat the title.

Cesca: Well—not for Jim and Blair

Cesca: I don't see why they'd go to a Canadian shack

Cesca: but something along those lines for TS.

anna: It could be funny, though.

anna: J&B—Canadian Shack.

anna: Just offbeat enough to be sustainable

anna: Let's do it.

Cesca: No! wait—

Terri: The Ubiquitous Canadian Shack — every fandom should have one.

anna: Let's do it now.

Cesca: I want the shack for DS

anna: I want the shack for TS!

Terri: TS has the Loft!

anna hrhs.

Terri: And the Peruvian Jungle!

Cesca: No, the loft is banal beyond belief

anna: Harhrh.

anna: Not the jungle!

anna: Dear god.

Cesca: Not the jungle, agreed

Terri: Not?

anna: I like the shack.

anna pouts.

Cesca: It doesn't have to be a place

Terri: Hmph.

Cesca: it could be a premise

anna: That *was* the premise.

anna: You hooked me.

anna: Now you're losing me.

Cesca: 20 ways to end up with ice cream on your head, whatever, anything

anna: Sorry.

Cesca: No but

Cesca sighs

anna makes the sign of the hand.

anna grins.

Cesca: That's my DS story

anna: Shack.

anna chants.

Cesca: lol

anna: Shack. Shack. Shack.

Terri carefully disengages the hook from anna's mouth (or wherever it ended up).

Cesca: I—all right, all right!

Cesca: That'll REALLY confuse the Francesca Speranza thing, thanks a lot!

Cesca: What the fuck are Jim and Blair doing in a canadian shack for god's sake?!!

anna: That's the beauty of it.

Cesca: But

anna: I feel inspired.

Terri: I'm not sure you can get there in 100 words.

anna: No. I work well with foreign objects. Like eggbeaters.

anna: And mandolins

Cesca: Okay, fine, 20 Ways to Annoy a Sentinel With A Mandolin

anna: Ew.

Terri: Child's play.

anna shakes head.

Cesca: Terri, fine, YOU suggest something!

anna: You have no concept of my psychology do you?

anna: After all this time.

anna: You say shack.

anna: I want shack.

Cesca deflates

anna: Anything else is, fish.

Terri: I suspect on some level that the mere existance of mandolins is enough to annoy a Sentinel. :-)

Cesca: Okay, shack but somewhere other than canada?

anna sighs.

Cesca: Oh all right all right sheesh!

Cesca: Fucking remind me never to...bhlre;wrjkaeksfj ;laj;

Cesca: Do the shack!

Cesca: Take the pen!

anna: If the shack is in Washington, though, it's, like, mundane.

Cesca thrusts pen!

anna: My imagination stalls.

Cesca: Okay

Cesca: do it!

Cesca: put them into a Canadian shack in 100 words

Cesca: I'll do the same

Cesca: Race ya

anna: But I'm broiling steak.

anna: You'll have to wait until I'm back here with my Meat.

Cesca: I'm eating meatloaf as we speak

Cesca: The odds are utterly even

Cesca glares

Cesca: Beef to beef

anna: Hmm. You may be right about that shack thing.

anna ducks.

anna: I was just thinking, in the kitchen.

anna: heh.

anna ducks again.

anna is an evil, evil girl, but can't help it. Psychology.

anna points to her head, winks, nods.    

Cesca is laughing

Cesca: no, no

Cesca: now we have to

anna: heh.

anna: damn you!

Cesca: This is the GREAT SHACK CHALLENGE, you stupid cow

Cesca: so get to it!!!

anna: Okay.

anna: Fine.

Cesca: You bet!

anna laughs, loving you.

Cesca: I want fucking 100 words about a canadian shack before you leave this channel PART THREE:  Having had her DS story stolen and changed into a TS story, Cesperanza then proceeded to compound her mistake by complaining about Anna to some friends.  Note to self:  do not complain about Anna to your friends.  They are as evil as she is.

Julad: I *love* the idea of a TS canadian shack challenge.

Julad: of a fandom-wide canadian shack challenge.  Ces groans

Ces: You are evil. Like her.

Julad: Buffy and Willow in a canadian shack!

Ces: We've got four already

Ces: lol Ces holds head

Julad: Tom and Harry in a canadian shack!

Julad: Danny and Casey in a canadian shack      Ces is howling

Julad: Oh, do it.

Julad: do it do it do it

Julad: or I will  

Ces: Oh god *** Mia ( has joined channel

Ces: oh, fine, fine fine!


Ces: Wait

Mia: what?

Julad: and I'll post the challenge in nsync fandom and you'll have a *thousand and one nsync canadian shack stories*.

Ces: In fact

Mia: lolol

Ces: NO!!!!!

Ces: NO!

Mia: wait, can I drag linda in?

Ces: NO *** resonant ( has joined channel

Ces: oh god

Ces: yes

Julad: LOLOL

Ces: god

Ces: this is turning into


Ces: this is ridiculous

Ces: Hi res

resonant: Hey! *** linbot ( has joined channel

resonant: Ces is talking in caps!

Julad: Don't worry, I wouldn't do it.

linbot: hey, I'm here for the anarchy.

resonant: Hi, Lin. I just got here.

resonant: Hi, all.

Mia: Hi res!

Julad: Ces discovers that you can't tame a cool challenge.

Ces: Okay, look

Mia: ahahahahahahahaha

Ces: Here are the rules

Mia: ahahahahahahahahaha

Ces: And if you want to—look—it's 500 words resonant laughs

Ces groans

Ces: Criminy  linbot is laughing.

Ces: oh, why not...

resonant: Is Julad doing Methos and Duncan in a Canadian shack?

Julad: ahahaha

resonant: Round about 1815?

Julad: Stuart and Vince in a canadian shack!

resonant: Or, barring that, 2050?

Mia: yes!

Mia: stuart and vince!!

Julad: oh, fuck me.

Ces is crying

Ces: res

Ces: Okay

Ces: look

Ces: look

linbot: Joe and Billy in a canadian shack?

Julad: calming down now.

Mia: ahahahaha

resonant: God, Lin.

Ces can barely type

Julad: It's out of control, baby.

Julad: Rein it in, quick.

Ces: I was complaining about Anna and—man, they're WORSE than anna

Mia: the bunny is bleeding

Ces: Alright loo

Ces: look

Ces: If you want to do the fandom of your choice in a canadian shack

Ces: it's 500 words

Ces: and it gets sent to em

Ces: mne

Ces: me

Ces: and I'll compile them


Cesca: Well—not for Jim and Blair


Cesca: I don't see why they'd go to a Canadian shack

Mia: ahahahahaha

Ces: and I'll write an ending one where

Ces: they're all there and fighting over whose weekend it was

Julad: LOLOL

Ces is half-laughing, half-crying

resonant: It's actually funnier in other fandoms, Ces.

resonant: In DS,

resonant: it would be funnier to do

resonant: "101 ways to end up in the Peruvian jungle."

Ces: I never got the chance to prove otherwise, did I?!      Ces sighs

resonant: Or, you know, on a ferry to Victoria Island.

Ces: though

Ces: oh dear

Ces sighs

resonant: Or, you know, taking clown classes in night school.

Julad: No, no, it's funny with DS

Ces: Look

Julad: and then funnier that everyone else starts showing up at the shack.



Ces sighs

Ces: it's      resonant sets up a cash bar in the back of the bus

linbot: see the good thing about a bus is that it doesn't even *start* on the rails.

Ces: and it wasn't supposed to be funny!

Ces: It's now—oh, man

Ces: No, it did it did!

Ces: I'm just —it's like SPEED here

Julad: No, the stories themselves aren't funny.

resonant: Ces.

resonant: Ces.

Ces: you bombed my bus

resonant: Guess what.

Ces: What?

resonant: You are now TPTB.

Ces: I—oh god

resonant: Now you know how Alliance feels.

Julad: LOLOL

Mia: ahahahaha

resonant: "Whoa! That's not what we MEANT!"

Ces: My shack challenge!

Ces sobs

Ces: My beautiful shack thing

linbot: hahahaha. You're doing it wrong! You're all doing it wrong! 8)

Julad: It's okay, honey. You're the boss of the challenge.

Julad: You make the big money.

Ces: Joe and Billy...

Ces: in the shack      Ces wipes tear

Ces: Dan and Casey

resonant: WITH Fraser and Ray?

resonant: "Wait. Maybe I picked the wrong shack?"

Ces: I don't know, ask them!      Ces hoots!

resonant: "Yeah, man, you totally did."

Ces: "Sorry, your shack is up the road, there."

Ces: And they've trashed their shack

resonant: "Go, like, right over that ridge and ..."

Ces: lolol

Julad: LOLOL

Ces is laughing

Julad: nsync wander into Billy and Joe's shack. that ain't gonna be pretty.      resonant pictures about fifty miles of Canadian wilderness with a shack every half-mile

Ces: Am I supposed to—I mean, is this the same shack story? a different shack story?

Ces: Is this "The Great Canadian Shack Free-For-All"

resonant: Jim sends Blair over to the Joe/Billy shack to ask them to "turn down the goddamned music."

Julad: You want *proper* stories, right? Serious stories in which they seriously end up in a canadian shack.

Ces: What I want appears to be immaterial. <G>

Julad: and then the punchline is kind of the repetition.

resonant: "Fucker can hear us half a mile away? Riiiiiight."

Ces wanders around mumbling to herself

linbot: shacking up in diverse fandoms.

Julad: Okay, tell me what the requirements are.

Julad: shacking up!

Ces: I like the shacking up     Julad dies

resonant: Ooh. Good title.

resonant: Harry Potter and the Canadian Shack.


linbot: hahahahaha. Shine: SNERK

resonant: "You Apparated us *where*?" Shine: hee!! Julad dies

linbot: or floo powder into the pot bellied stove.

resonant: "Well, undo it!" "It's not that simple!"

Ces: I love the idea of

Ces: Canadian Wizards.

Ces is laughing

Julad: Oh, god. They'd be all polite. And say, "Expelliariumus, eh," Shine: hee!

Ces dies

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