The Substitute

By sealie


Dark side SGA-flashfic Challenge
Type: gen

Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Beta: LKY

The Kwan of the Hive-a of the Fifth Mark watched the young Wraith female march purposefully into Her Room of Thrones

“Kwan of Our Great Hive.” The young Wraith bowed her head a fraction, potential bearer of eggs to the Bearer of Eggs.

“Kelda-to-be.” The Kwan adorned herself across Her Throne, draping a long arm over the back and regarded the heir-in-waiting steadily. “What?”

“Many of our kind have awoken. The Herd is inadequate for our needs. I have a suggestion: we should eat the Herd’s livestock.”

The Kwan leaned forward. “You are suggesting that we eat the crud on which the Herd feed?”

“It is of base nutritional quality, but would be sufficient.”

A Wraith -- Her own child -- advocating vegetarianism.


So She ate her.

The End