Incoming Travellers

By Sealie



Two green clad figures were flung out of the whooshing wormhole. They made an admirable attempt to roll neatly down the ramp, but were caught from behind by the other two members of their team following them at high velocity.

In a tangle of limbs, they collapsed in a heap on metal ramp.

The wormhole plopped shut.

Daniel Jackson, archaeologist and off-times adventurer tried to untangle himself from his superior (a fact which was open to interpretation) officer -- Colonel Jack O'Neill.

"OW, Danny Ė watch where youíre putting those elbows."

"Youíve caught my hair on your velcro cuff!" he protested, "stop pulling."

"That better be your gun, sir," Captain Sam Carter said tightly.

"Tealíc, are you okay?" Daniel addressed the Jaffa at the bottom of the pile.

"I am uninjured."

"Oh, for crying out loud, I think Iíve thrown my back out."

"Really, sir?" Carter sounded sort of concerned. "I think Daniel broke my wrist when he landed on me."

"Oh, Sam, Iím so sorry."

"Itís okay, it was an accident."

"Perhaps we should try to untangle ourselves," Tealíc said levelly.

"Move it; this rampís HARD!" OíNeill griped

"Jaaack?" Daniel whined.


"Given the number of times weíve been thrown out of the wormholeÖ" he began.


"Why havenít we put down pads?"