Dayz Little things

by Sealie


(SGA_flashfic School Challenge – but never posted)

Type: mini-genfic
Spoilers: none

Beta: LKY

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Rodney knew he was cute. Grandma said so as she took a photo of him for his first day at school. His blazer was green and his tie was green and grey stripes. His shirt was white. He knew his colours.




Rodney tugged Mrs. Cranston’s skirt.

“Yes, Rodney.” She crouched down.

“When are we gonna do the numbers? Jeannie said we do numbers at school.”

“Oh, Rodney--” she smiled, “--there will be time for numbers when you get into the next grade, don’t rush. Go play in the sandpit.”

Rodney step-stumbled as she gently pushed him towards the sandpit. He didn’t understand. Jeannie said numbers were good. He shoved Kevin out of his way and plonked down on his bottom.

He played with the wheelie thing, pouring sand down the slide to make the wheel go ‘round. It didn’t matter how fast he poured the sand he couldn’t make the wheel go faster.





One bruise, two bruise, three bruise, four…




“This is a pie.”

No, it’s not. Rodney looked at the workbook. It was a circle.

“Draw a line from one side of the circle to the other going through the spot in the centre.”

Rodney looked at Kathy Shully-poo painstakingly drawing the line, tongue poking out between her teeth.

“Now you have two halves of a pie.”

It’s a circle.

The instructions continued droning, “And now we have six pieces of pie. One piece of pie for everyone one on your table.”

Ah. Rodney’s mouth fell open. The cake at Jeanie’s birthday party. One cake. Twelve of her friends. The cake was cut in twelve pieces. One twelfth, two twelfths….

Rodney turned over the page.