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The Otter Apologizes to the Fanfiction Masses
by the Humbled Otter

A little over 24 hours ago, I wrote a column in a fit of rant that was supposed to only target a small group of people. Unfortunately, it got out of hand, and a lot of people were offended. My email was, literally, flooded with letters of every kind. Mostly, though, they were extreme hate letters, one person told me to go die somewhere. However, in the jumble, were some really heartfelt and professional emails of people who were genuinely saddened by what they called, misconceptions. These were people not meant to attacked but ended up getting hurt by what I said.

I did not (I repeat) did not intend to target or hurt the majority of fan fiction writers and people who are kind enough to actually take time from their lives and aid in the editing process. But sadly, I did.

And for that, I am truly sorry. My intended audience was misled by my zealousness to belittle something we obviously all enjoy.

And while I’m still a little spooked that my opinions caused such an outcry, I’m willing to step up and admit my fault in this.

I can only hope that those who were hurt can look to forgive me, and I can also hope that those whom inspired my ranting nonsense, can look to themselves and use caution when giving people reviews and critiques. Be polite and do what I didn’t do, and that is remember that there is a living, feeling, thinking person on the other side of that fan fiction.

As for the folks over at . I’m sorry the nicer folks got caught up in that. I did not visit the site with the intentions of being an ass. But I respond badly to negative vibes. And unfortunately, that forum is littered with it. So.. I’m sorry to several people for that. Don’t worry, I have no plans of returning. That site brought out the worst in me and I don’t want to subject myself or anyone else to that.

Thanks for your time. Again I am sorry.

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